Full Time Promotions

6 NHLOA Members promoted to full time status

The National Hockey League has officially promoted six officials who were under a minor league contract last year to full-time status for the upcoming season. These promotions to full-time status in the NHL will be effective on September 1st 2016.

Last season, six NHLOA officials announced their retirement (#14- Dennis Larue,  #18- Greg Kimmerly, #26- Rob Martell, #86- Brad Lazarowich, #88- Mike Civik & #90- Andy McElman) creating a giant hole in the NHLOA roster! Although the NHLOA will be missing these six recent retirees, it is at the same time an exciting new beginning for six new members on a full-time basis!

The NHLOA would like to congratulate the following officials for their promotion to full-time NHL status!


Jon McIsaac
Kendrick Nicholson
Garrett Rank


Shandor Alphonso
Devin Berg
Brandon Gawryletz