Giving Back To the Zebras Family

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Officiating crew in St. Louis meet with a group of young officials before the game

This past Saturday, NHL referee Dan O’Rourke along with NHL/AHL referee Reid Anderson and linesmen Tony Sericolo and Derek Nansen had the pleasure to work the Dallas Stars vs the St. Louis Blues game at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Although no hockey game is the same or neither predictable, the crew that night knew before the evening started that it was going to be a special night at the rink.
Andy Hudson, who is in charge of development and education at the Missouri Ice Hockey Officials Association, in collaboration with NHL Referee Tim Peel, who reside in St. Louis, made pre-arrangement a week earlier for the crew working that night to stop and address a group of young hockey officials prior to the game that night.  In fact, the MIHOA was holding a Level 1 and Level 2 USA Hockey Officiating Seminar that day. The St. Louis Blues were nice enough to host this clinic in their home rink; the Scottrade Center making it even more special for the attendees. NHLOA members come from all over North America and all the different hockey branches but no matter where each one of us is coming from, one thing is the same for all theses officiating programs around North America; there’s a lot of great people that volunteers their time to run, educate and help all these young hockey officials in making them the best officials that they can be in order to serve the game at its best. More importantly they are making them better people. We all had someone or several people who gave his/her own time along the way helping us reach the highest level of hockey in the world so when we are asked to come and return the favor, any NHLOA member understands the significance of it and loves to pay it forward for the Zebra family!
The goal of this event was to recruit new officials in the 16-35 year old age group. It is our hope that many of the attendees from Saturday will become some of the most reliable and dedicated members of this association. Hopefully, the crew that night were able to help these young officials to perfect their craft, grow their passion for the game and to get excited about stepping on the ice for their next assignment!
A big thank you to Andy Hudson and his staff for allowing the NHL Officials to come down that night and participate in this clinic. Good luck to all of the MIHOA officials for the upcoming season.

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