NHL Officials Wear Bauer


100% of NHL Officials are wearing Bauer helmets and visors for the 2017/2018 Season

Hockey is a fast pace and furious sport. Head injuries sideline so many of the game’s top players every year and this is no different for the on-ice officials. Contained inside the boards with players and pucks coming at them faster and faster every year, NHL officials are often victims of physical contacts that could lead to facial or head injuries throughout the season. Several officials have dealt or have seen their career end on a head/facial injury in the last decade or so making this an important subject for this group. This is why the proper head gear is absolutely essential for all hockey officials.

After testing all of the market helmets and visors available to them, the NHL officials decided unanimously to opt for the Bauer products as they felt they were the safest and most comfortable products available. This was not a small decision from the group as after all, of all the protective equipment that they wear during a game, nothing is more important than their helmet and visor!

So join them and opt for the Bauer family when it comes to protect your head.