Week 3 – Flying Sticks Allowed?

NHL Rules

Rule / Situation of the week Welcome to our Rule/Situation(s) of Week! Welcome back! In this week’s column, we will go over some uncommon “high-sticks” situations that are allowed in the game of hockey! There’s two different types of “high-sticks” situations in our game, first there’s the action of contacting an opponent with a stick […]

Shandor Alphonso – First NHL Game

Shandor Alphonso

Shandor worked his first game in Buffalo, NY Last night, Shandor Alphonso of Orangeville, Ontario has worked his first regular NHL season game when the Florida Panthers visited the Buffalo Sabres at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, NY. He was joined on the ice by fellow referee Dan O’Halloran, Ghislain Hebert and linesman Brad […]

Week 1 – Goalkeeper’s Restricted Area

NHL Rules

Rule / Situation of the week Be the Referee!!! Welcome to our FIRST Rule Situation(s) of Week! Every Mondays for the next 25 weeks (during the regular season schedule) we will explain in this column some bizarre or uncommon game’s situation/rule. Hockey is a particular game when it comes to the rulebook. Hockey officials need […]