Team Stripes Academy has launched

Team Stripes Academy

Team Stripes has partnered with former NHL Referee Don Koharski to bring you the Team Stripes Academy

Team Stripes was founded in November of 2017 to create an online learning resource for officials through videos, online courses, podcasts, and written resources such as, tutorials, guides, rulebooks, sample exams, and much more.

They have teamed up with some of the best officials in the business to provide valuable education and training to referees and linesmen at all levels. This past Summer, Team Stripes has partnered with former NHL referee Don Koharski, who now serves as program director.

Together with Koharski, Team Stripes Academy was launched in September of 2018. The first course in the Academy is Don Koharski’s Master Course, consisting of 16 chapters, including 14 different lessons. Each lesson is professionally shot and involves multiple instructors demonstrating real game situations.

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