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Where to begin? A few things in life leaves you speechless but this past December 1st, the NHL Officials and the players taking part of the game at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis where greeted by a special security agent when they showed up a few hours before puck drop that will stay in their memory forever. St. Louis Security rep Jim Maier had a special guest that night making sure that all game participants where in good hands and in a secure environment.

Hockey is a tough sport and the people involved in it know how to recognize a real fighter. They all quickly realized that although the new security agent that night was only 9 years old, they had to be on their best behavior, the new sheriff in town was a tough one! In fact, Cole was diagnosed with high risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in March of 2015 when he was only 7. His type of leukemia has a genetic mutation that makes it harder to fight so he has to take the highest doses of chemotherapy available for a duration of three and a half years. This regimen involves a lot of lumbar punctures, high doses of steroids, which makes his face swollen (which he hates), and a multitude of chemo drugs daily. He has many days of nausea, dizziness, and all over body pain that sometimes makes it painful for him to walk. All in, Cole has kept up with school and tries to maintain an unbelievably positive outlook.

That night, Cole was a special guest at Scottrade Center. He was given an all-access pass and followed Security Rep Maier all over the building making sure everybody was safe and being able to enjoy a great hockey game! On top of being able to visit the St. Louis Blues dressing room, assisting the K-9 officer, participating with the radio/tv broadcast personnel, being close to the ice during the National Anthem, Cole also made his way to the NHL Officials dressing room where he spent some time with referees Francis Charron and Kendrick Nicholson ad also interacting with linesmen Scott Driscoll and David Brisebois. NHL officials sees a lot of tough players, hard body checks and brutal fights on a regular basis, but Cole presence that night made them realize that the real tough guys don’t wear skates for a living! Cole, you inspired Francis, Kendrick, Scott and David that night and know that this evening will stay close to their heart forever, keep fighting bud, you are a true hero and will always be welcome in the NHL Officiating family!