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NHLOA members meet Tim Horton Children’s Foundation campers


This upcoming season the NHLOA’s charity, Zebras Care has an initiative with the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation to bring more than 50 Foundation campers to visit the Officials prior to a NHL regular season game.  Thanks to the generosity of Toronto Area Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners, children from low-income families will have an opportunity to see some of the behind the scenes aspects of an NHL experience before watching the game.  Please refer to nhlofficials.com for updates, pictures and articles of these visits.




Over the past few years, many members of the NHLOA have volunteered their time for Camp Day and at a variety of Tim Horton Children’s Foundation camps across Canada. The Officials look forward to expanding their connection with the children by hearing what they learned at camp.  The Tim Horton Children’s Foundation provides an enriching camp experience throughout the year for more than 17,000 children and youth.  The programs are designed to foster the skills that young people need to help set them on a different path in life.  The camp experience supports the children to grow, develop independence, and return home with new found strengths and the courage to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves.



Anyone wishing to learn more about the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation please visit their website at www.thcf.comor to make a donation please go to www.sendakidtocamp.com.



On Tuesday October 14th, five lucky students from St. Charles Garnier Catholic Elementary school benefitted from the generosity of some Toronto area Tim Hortons Owners.

Toronto Tim Hortons Owners initiated this partnership along with the National Hockey League Official’s Association Zebras Care Foundation to provide some local students the opportunity of a lifetime by taking in a Toronto Maple Leafs game. The Tim Hortons Owners purchased tickets to 10 Leaf home games this season through the NHLOA and during the season, Tim Horton Children’s Foundation campers will attend the games and also get a unique behind the scenes tour including visiting the Officials prior to the game in their Locker Room.

Tuesday’s game saw students Elizabeth, Amanda, Cecilia, Malek, and Joshua and Teacher Maria Ruiz de Merlo participate in the first joint venture of the season.  The teacher and the students were just over the top with the entire experience.  They visited the NHL office, had a press box tour, met the keyboard player, the announcer, watched the teams warm up, had pizza and popcorn and before the game met with Officials Kelly Sutherland, Justin St. Pierre, Greg Devorski and Scott Driscoll. Also in attendance were Jason St. Croix, a Toronto Tim Hortons Owner, Tim Horton Children’s Foundation representative Barb Weeden and Mark Vines, a retired NHL Linesman and current Tim Hortons Owner.

In the room the students chatted with the guys in stripes, asked some great questions, received a goodie bag from the NHLOA and then posed for pictures including one by the ice surface.

The NHLOA and their Zebras Care Foundation would like to extend a huge thanks to the Toronto area Tim Hortons Owners that made such a generous donation to establish this partnership. They would also like to extend their gratitude to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation for the wonderful work they do providing opportunities for children and youth to attend their camp programs throughout the year and “be a kid!”

It was a great evening for all involved. By the way….the hometown Leafs won 3-2 sending the kids home with a huge grin on their faces. Sources say they were a little weary eyed the next day and a couple may have overslept but that was to be expected after their amazing adventure.



Next event is scheduled for October 28th.