Zebras Care

Zebras Care

NHLOA members welcome a true fighter before a Canucks’ game

The Vancouver Canucks hosted the St. Louis Blues on the final Saturday before Christmas. The NHL Officials Lonnie Cameron, Vaughan Rody, Ian Walsh, and Graham Skilliter had the privilege of hosting Scarlett and her family through the Zebras Care Foundation.

Scarlett is a 12 year old with Krabbe’s Disease, a progressive metabolic disorder that causes nerve degeneration. She had a stem cell transplant when she was born which has extended her life well beyond the untreated expectancy of 2 years. She enjoys participating in many activities including band, the 100m dash, and baseball.

Scarlett was introduced to our charity by the head Off-Ice Official, Dr. Jim Potts. Through his efforts with Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, our officiating team was able to see what strength and perseverance really looks like. Our officiating crew was also grateful to meet Scarlett’s family, which included her sister Greta, father Frank, and grandfather George.

We are inspired by your happiness Scarlett. We hope that you and your family enjoyed your time at Rogers Arena.”