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Paul Devorski

Paul Devorski (born August 18, 1958) is a retired National Hockey League referee, who wore uniform number 10 since the 1994–95 NHL season.[1] He refereed his first NHL game on October 14, 1989, and has been wearing a helmet while refereeing NHL games since the 2005–06 NHL season. He was one of the selected referees who officiated the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals  and was selected again to officiate the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals , as well as the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals . He is the older brother of NHL linesman Greg Devorski.

Devorski also officiated several games at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, including the Bronze Medal Game; 2006 Winter Olympics, including the Men’s Gold Medal Game between Sweden and Finland.[2]

Devorski officiated his final NHL game on Sunday April 5, 2015 in Philadelphia. The contest was between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers.

Devorski is Canadian with Ukrainian and Irish origin. He is one of eight children (parents: Ralph William (Bill) and Bernadette Devorski, Guelph, Ontario Canada) and is the father of son, Luk and daughter, Elle. Devorski resides with his family in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and enjoys returning to his hometown of Guelph, Ontario Canada to visit his parents, siblings and friends every chance he gets. Along with his 1978 Centennial Cup winning teammates, Paul Devorski was inducted into the Guelph Sports Hall of Fame, having served as team captain of the Guelph (Holody) Platers when the team defeated the Prince Albert Raiders (SJHL) 4-games-to-none to win the Centennial Cup Championships.

NHL losing two officiating giants after this season with retirements of referee Paul Devorski, linesman Jean Morin

Veteran NHL referee Paul Devorski and linesman Jean Morin are retiring at the end of this season, taking with them a wealth of experience. Both rank highly on the list of current games-officiated leaders. How highly? Take a look at our up-to-date lists and find out.
The Hockey News


The Hockey News

Two senior members of the NHL officiating fraternity – referee Paul Devorski and linesman Jean Morin – are retiring at the end of this season, taking with them a wealth of experience and skill at policing arguably the toughest sport there is to police.

The 56-year-old Devorski, who officiated his first NHL game Oct. 14, 1989, ranks fifth on on the All-Time Referee list for regular-season games as of March 31 of this year, with 1,592 games under his belt. The Guelph, Ont., native currently leads all active referees in that department as well as playoff games.  The 51-year-old Morin began his NHL career in the 1991-92 campaign and sits eighth overall among active linesmen in regular-season games, as well as second overall among active linesmen in playoff games. The league has experienced significant turnover among its officials in recent years, and the professionalism of both Devorski and Morin will be missed.


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