Devin Berg

NHLOA Member since 2015

Birthplace: Gadshill, Ontario

Regular Season: 525 Games

Playoffs: 58 Games

* Game numbers updated as of Oct 1, 2023

Devin Berg

Berg was offered a linesman minor league contract (40-40) in the summer of 2015. He worked his first NHL Regular Season game in Brooklyn NY on October 15th, 2015 when the Nashville Predators were in town to play the Islanders. His teammates that night were referees Dave Jackson and Frederick L’Ecuyer while his partner on the lines was Brian Murphy. He was promoted to a full time NHL linesman status in the summer of 2016.


First NHL Game

October 15, 2015

Nashville Predators
New York Islanders

First Playoff Game

April 11, 2018

Philadelphia Flyers
Pittsburgh Pengiuns